nightly walk

Yesterday was the first time that i was afraid on the way home. Until
now Tartu and fear were incompatible images. Yet it was different
last night for two reasons. There was no bike to escape with if
necessary and a friend had told me about a man talking to her nastily on
Saturday night. So I was quite tensed while sliding my way home on the icy streets of the town.
Watching out for lonely wanderers on the streets, jerking when cats
were singing behind me...
Most of the cars i saw were taxis and i was wondering how safe taxidrivers are. Still i felt relieved when i realized the car passing me was a taxi.
The city was more or less dead, what suited to me in that state.
The interesting thing happened when i turned into Taara street. It is an alley-like road with trees in the middle and a footpath in between. Walking on the first real snow in this night i started to feel stupidly safe and calm. I stoped and watched back and then forward and it felt so safe and comfortable under these snowy trees in gloomy light. No wonder this street is so many's favourite.
Lulled like that the rest of the way was a piece of cake.

10.12.08 22:29

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ecsperiment / Website (11.12.08 11:50)
finally something i understand!
and which, surprisingly, is very beautifully written :P

Mina (11.12.08 16:17)
dont know if i can handle such a comment...
puts quite some pressure on me to do it again!!!

aga kui inimesed räägiks rohkem eesti keelt minuga saaks ju ammu selles keeles kirjutada....

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